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There is no negating that marketing is an important tool in hit out or sustaining any business activity. The 1st concern for businesses is visibility. The product or service that they offer must be well known to their prospective buyers so that this may ultimately lead to a sale. 

Stakes of marketing have transformed with the advent of technology and digital media. The tech-savvy companies have taken advantage of new-fanged forms of advertising to target specific market segments.
Let’s have a look at the Top Marketing ideas as used by smart marketers around the globe.

Social Media Marketing

Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs are all forms of social media marketing that have taken off in modern times. They support companies generate a far greater reach than average and intelligent companies have taken advantage of that.

Disney’s ‘Social Media Moms’ - In 2010, Disney started an annual campaign called the ‘Social Media Moms Celebration’, aimed at mothers who spent a plenty of time online presence and the ability to influence. In 2015, this campaign succeeded to generate 28,500 tweets, 4,900 Instagram photos and 88 blog posts, full of reviews, pictures and videos of children enjoying at Walt Disney World.
Dove Real Beauty Sketches
Around 175 to 200 e-mail invitations are sent to moms all over the United States to participate in the “Social Media Moms Celebration”, every year. Disney executives look for moms who are perfect promoters of the family-friendly brands and are active in online communities and offline as well. The invitations involve amazing packages with attractive discounts, passes to skip lines, a beach-themed party and so on. 

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches - Another brilliant use of Social Media was made by the personal care brand, Dove. Their 3-minute advertisement “Real Beauty Sketches” video, featuring an FBI-trained sketch artist went viral on social media with over 114 million views. The perception revolved around how women are tough on themselves and their appearance, while others see them as beautiful. In-every case, the sketch based on a stranger’s depiction was significantly more beautiful than the women’s imageries of themselves.

The brilliant message used caused a enormous social media interest and managed to work for as a good marketing strategy for the company.

Content Marketing

SEO Google updates have made content a very powerful tool in the realm of marketing. And many big well-known names in the industry have taken maximum advantage. 

Coca Cola’s Content 2020 Campaign - This soft drink giant is throwing some serious resources behind its “Content 2020” campaign. This is to accomplish the target of doubling the company’s sales by the year 2020 through the use of engaging content marketing. In the mission statement for this campaign, the company talked about how “all advertisers need very much content so that they can keep the engagement with consumers new and relevant, because of the 24/7 connectivity. If you are going to be successful around the world, you have to have healthy and lush ideas at the core.”

General Electric’s Ecomagination - General Electric, the American multinational conglomerate uses content marketing to articulate the story of the 132-year old brand via different content networks. For instance, one of the networks used is called Ecomagination, which is an online forum of exchanging new creative ideas and conversations about clear technology and sustainable infrastructure. It is set up as a magazine with an experienced managing editor and a talented editorial staff of writers and reporters.

SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization takes into deliberation what people search for. The actual queries that are typed into the search-bar and the search engines preferred by the target audiences are the kind of metrics used by companies utilizing this marketing technique. 

Macy’s Goes Local - Macy’s, the mid-range chain of departmental stores has attached the power of SEO marketing. The company desired to create a page for each of its stores. The new idea was to help customers find out exactly what their nearest Macy’s store has. By its existing vast database of information, the company hired SEO specialists to build a system that incorporated this DB. With a page for every store and the option of making variations anytime they are needed, Macy’s can now provide its customers with the newest information. The creation of this system means that now Google and other search engines can index all of Macy’s store pages independently, making it easier for the consumers to get to their desired product quickly.

Amazon’s A9 Search Engine - The American e-commerce and cloud computing company capitalizes a lot of time, money and efforts in its SEO department. The company, distinct Google, has a simple set of rules that assists buyers and sellers. The Amazon A9 Search Engine is designed to support sellers with product discoverability, product ranking, sales performance, ratings and reviews also pricing. The search engine crawl product listings, such as title, brand/manufacturer and searching stuffs, product features and description. Once the products have been indexed by the A9 search engine, it can begin to determine where your products will give the impression for various keywords, terms and phrases. With an easy to use strategy, Amazon has upped the ante in the world of mass scale e-commerce.

Pay Per Click Marketing

This kind of marketing relies on a business structure and model where a company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays a certain amount of time and money to the host website whenever a user hit it off on the advertisement. It is merely paid search marketing. The PPC technique is often used by startups and smaller firms. 

Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals - In 2001, Tom Telford founded a vacation rental management company called the Blue Creeks Cabins in Helen, Ga. Earlier he had invested in marketing through the internet using Google Adwords and pay per click marketing options offered by Google, Bing and Yahoo. By 2010, Telford had a management company called Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals and was spending $140,000 a year on pay per click marketing to promote 45 cabins in his charge. 

Other PPC success stories include:
  • Travelsphere – The number of passengers increase by 234%
  • Quicksilver – Revenue increased by a huge 380%
  • Confetti – Sales went up by 42%
  • Swagger & Swoon – Site conversions increased by 12.41%

Email Marketing

This type of marketing is more direct. It includes sending commercial messages to a group of people via email. It is an effective technique to stay connected with your customers while promoting your business and is highly focused on your relevant target segment. Companies using this method include:

Slideshare - This web-based slide hosting service allows users to upload files privately or publicly in PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or Open Document formats. The company uses email marketing to connect to its community of clients and users. It personalizes the email with the name of the recipient, keeps the layout engaging and user friendly, gives illustrative examples and uses simple graphics to plea to the customers. This kind of personalized strategy, along with other measures, has landed Slideshare with 60 million views, 130 million page views and 20 million uploads. 

Shopify - An e-commerce company, Shopify strives to maintain the top of customer relations through friendly emails and community building. It retains its welcome emails engaging and highly readable. The emails open with information regarding your new account, username, password and URL etc, making sure the manipulators get all the basic information right away. In addition to providing this information in emails, Shopify also offers consultant support to ensure maximum assistance to consumers. With such email marketing, it manages to maintain optimistic customer relations while giving out all the necessary marketing materials.

Whether you are a small business owner, a start-up or a well established chain of businesses, in this age of digital marketing, you cannot completely rely on traditional marketing approaches. Not only is online marketing less expensive, but it also has a far greater grasp and an ability to cater better to targeted markets.



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